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Promotional products (also known as advertising gifts, schwag, and promotional gifts) are merchandise that has been branded with a logo or imaging for marketing and communications purposes. Typically these items are given away  by companies to promote products and services to their target audience and raise brand awareness. Trade shows and conferences are perfect situations for promotional product campaigns.

Ad Majorem Marketing offers a wide array of items that can be branded with your company’s logo and name. Commonly used promotional items include t-shirts, pens, foam fingers, mugs, and key chains. Many of the items we offer are Eco-friendly and work well with “Green” campaigns. Items made from recycled materials offer the perfect combination of durability and renewable resourcefulness.

Why give away promotional products? The simple answer is, they work. Promo items draw attention at events such as trade shows and conferences. They are 5 times more likely to be kept by the recipient than flyers or mailers.  Promotional products increase brand recognition by being useful and innovative. Companies using promotional items in their marketing campaigns have a significantly higher rate of being remembered by and connecting with a potential client than companies that do not.

Are you ready to integrate promotional products into your marketing campaigns? Contact us immediately to schedule a consultation and see what products will work best to connect with your ideal customer.

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