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Ad Majorem Marketing offers a variety of print techniques to create the masterpiece you have in mind.  We’ll work with you to figure our what will look best and wear well for your shirts.  Not all print techniques are created equal and not all will work well on various materials.  We know what works and what doesn’t, so we can guide you through your choices like Yoda guided Luke through the swamps of Dagobah.  If you just got that last reference, you’re a nerd and it’s good to meet you.

Print techniques offered:

Plastisol Inks – Thick and sturdy.  Plastisol has a heavy feel to it.  It’s very durable and will hold up to the worst abuse you can dish out.  It’s most commonly used for athletic prints or for shirts worn by industrial workers.  The ink will stay on the shirts for many years and still look like it did on the day they were printed.  If you want years of durability out of a print, Plastisol is the way to go.

Softhand – Think plastisol, but lighter.  Softhand is something short of pixie dust that’s added to plastisol ink to make it feel softer on shirts.  It’s comparable to waterbased inks that you can’t really feel on the shirt once they’ve been cured.  While softhand can still be felt, it’s a vast difference form plastisol inks straight out of the bucket.  Consider softhand for more fashion minded prints.

Waterbased – The softest prints in the known universe, guaranteed!  Waterbased inks are just that, water based.  The take a little longer to cure, but they add no weight to garment and you really can’t tell they’re there.  This is what you want when you’re looking for something light and fashionable.  Waterbased inks are best with very light and thin shirts that won’t need to stand up to elements while roofing a house in the heat of the summer or the dead of winter.

Discharge – Discharge inks actually remove the ink color from the shirt.  Freaky, right?  Not really.  It’s Science!  Waterbased inks don’t handle dark colored shirts well, but that can be overcome with the use of discharge inks.  The pigment of the shirt is removed and allows a light background for the lighter inks to sit on and spruce up that shirt you’re dreaming about.

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