Oh, Oktobinfest… Such Great Times

in Screen Printing

100_0060Every memorable party needs a memorable t-shirt to commemorate it.  This is the shirt that launched a tradition.  Many years ago I was headed up to Wisconsin to visit some friends and a few other friends decided to make the trip also.  We decided to turn our friend’s backyard into a German beer garden.  What happened after that is why this event became a tradition.  Great food, great music, and incredible friends made that weekend on of my favorite memories.  The shirts were a bit of a joke at the beginning, but I’m glad we made them.  Every time I were that shirt, I’m reminded of the fun that was had that weekend.  That’s what screen printed shirts can do for an event.  The shirt becomes a touchable reminder of that event.  Something to take with you long after the party has ended.

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